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When you choose to obtain document scanning services from Data Doc Imaging, you can expect the most professional document scanning process around. We offer a flexible yet straightforward plan that promotes ease of use on the customer starting right at the top.

Step One: Obtain the Documents

Option One: Picked up by Data Doc

We are willing to pick up the documents. This is very commonly done for those requesting document scanning in Charlotte, North Carolina or the surrounding area. If you have fragile or sensitive materials, this can be much better than sending them through the mail.

Option Two: Delivered to Data Doc by Customer

You are more than welcome to get your documents to us through your own means such as by your own delivery truck. If you have more time to wait for processing or live further away with fewer documents, this can be for you.

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Step Two: Inventoried and Organized to a Designated Area at Data Doc

The next step in our document imaging is sorting and organizing the documents or scanning and imaging. At this point, we will track and classify each box and paper document making sure that we have a clear path forward. The papers will stay in a secure area dedicated to your work throughout the process to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Step Three: Documents Prepped for Scanning

After sorting the documents and storing them, we take time to prepare them for scanning. This involves removing staples, ensuring sticky notes won’t get in the way, fixing large tears, and otherwise scan-proofing the paper documents. Without this step, we can not guarantee quality images.

Step Four: Documents are Scanned

After preparation, it’s time to scan the documents. At this point, we will scan them into your preferred format and fix any issues or rescan documents as needed. Depending on the number of papers to scan, this can be a quick process or a long one.  

Step Five: Images are Sent to the Customer

At the end of scanning, we will send you the files in your preferred method. We can send you the digital format files via flash drive, hard drive, cloud, document management system and more. We can either drop off the physical disks or send them via certified mail. We want to make sure this is as simple as you want it to be.  

Step Six:
Documents are Either: Stored, Shredded or Sent Back

This simple series of action will result in all your paper files and pictures being converted into digital images and files. However, that does not get rid of the documents. At the end of this process, we will either store, shred, or send you the reports that we scanned. Either way, you can ensure that your materials will be protected and secured until the very end.

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