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Reading Method – Optical Character Recognition

Many people ask how we make sure your documents are still searchable and readable after they have been scanned into a computer. This is done with Optical Character Recognition (OCR.)

In short, we use mechanical and electronic means to convert your paper documents into searchable digital files. It does not matter if they are materials are typed, handwritten or printed text, we are able to scan and read them to create a searchable file. Additionally, if you have an image that has been converted to a TIFF, any text present will still be readable and searchable. This is ideal for doctors, marketers, and similar materials that could mix graphics and text.

File Types

There are two main file types we convert paper documents to during our document scanning process. One type is used mostly for images and graphics while the other is reserved for text filled documents.


The primary file type we use is the PDF or the portable document format. For obvious reasons, this is the optimal method for converting paper documents into a portable and space saving file format. This format type is easily searched and categorized can be printed, converted to word, or edited with ease should there be a need.


Tiff stands for “tagged image file format.” It’s a computer file type for graphics images and the second type of file that we convert to at Data Doc. It’s easy to use with maps, blueprints, graphics, and more. Further detailed, a TIFF stores raster graphics images which is what makes it popular among graphic artists and the creative industry.

Delivery Options

External Hard Drive

We offer to transfer your files via an external hard drive. This is often the simplest for those without an online system or that have a limited amount of data with a large number of files. It requires no internet connection, and we can ship the hard drive to you or bring it to you directly.

Document Management Software

If you are looking for the most straightforward option in getting your files integrated to your software, this is the option for you. A DMS, or document management software, can directly connect to your CMS, allowing you to get to work with limited interruption. In fact, this can often speed up your work ability significantly.


Using a cloud or a drop box can be a simple way to retrieve files without needing a physical drive. The great things about this is that you can download the files where you need to without having to bring a drive from computer to computer. However, this can be harder if you need organization within those files.

File Transfer Protocol

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to move data from ourselves and your server or computer network. It’s great for companies looking to get their files directly to their server with no time in between.


If you have a limited number of files, this could be the simplest method. However, if you have a large number of files, this could result in a large number of CDs to track and organize should you wish to keep them that way.

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