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Document Types

When you need to simplify your business processes and save file space, Data Doc Imaging is here for you. We can scan an unlimited number of documents and sort them into the appropriate file formats. Our document management system will ensure a successful data conversion so that your business can find files easier and save more space whether in Charlotte or across the country!

Document Scanning Features & Requirements

Distribution / Proof of Delivery

Chances are if you have a lot of documents, people need to see them on a regular basis. We handle distribution and proof of delivery to be sure that you and staff get what they need.

Any Size Paper

Whether you need business cards or poster-sized sheets of paper scanned, Data Doc Imaging can help you get everything into a computer and in your target format. We have machines that make even the most substantial document imaging jobs simple.


It doesn’t matter if you need books, papers, patient data, or maps scanned. No scanning project is too big for Data Doc. The successful scanning and imaging of maps requires expertise and understanding. We make sure each image comes out clear and detailed.

Any Color

You don’t need to worry about the color of your files when you go through a document conversion process with Data Doc. We use the latest document imaging systems to make sure that your scanned documents come out clear. Data Doc uses the closest color match technologically available.

Sectors Served

Though we take on large and small jobs in any sector, Data Doc Imaging has a unique understanding of working within industries like education, healthcare, or government. Sometimes this can involve extra layers of security while other times it requires the use of otherwise left behind technology. Regardless of what your company needs are, we can be there to provide the right imaging services.


In the medical field, you have to keep patient files for a designated amount of time. This can quickly start to take up a lot of space in your office. Data Doc Imaging can help you save space by scanning these paper documents into file formats that are both protected and easy to search. No longer will you have to worry about saving rooms worth of paper for years on end.


Many government offices use Microfilm daily to make sure their documents don’t take up too much space and can not be edited without knowledge. We offer to perform record management and conversion to microfilm for government offices both large and small. Not just limited to microfilm, we can also scan your documents to any file format you need to get your work done.


Schools often have rooms of paperwork to track and care for. If you need more space, clearing these rooms can be much faster and cheaper than constructing a new building. We offer to convert and scan your files no matter the document type or file type you desire.


If you are a contractor, you know just what the term “too much paperwork” means. Each client and each job might have two or three boxes worth that you must keep for a specified duration after the job has ended. This is the perfect reason to go through with document conversion. No longer will you have to sort through and store boxes worth of paper documents. After file conversion, you will be able to find what you need via a digital search.

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